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Deriving from the agriculture industry in our definition, the food and beverage industry is divided into two major segments.

Production includes the food processing of meats creating of packaged foods, and other modified foods. The other one is soft drinks & alcoholic beverages. JCW provide special addittives and auxilliary chemicals to solve the critical process such as foaming problem ,sticky problem on the machine, enhancing hygienic and shelf-life prolonging of products.

Products for food & beverage Processing
– Coating Fruit (Use for wax product and shelf-life prolonging of products)
– Elephant Oil (Sugar Dissolving Oil)

-Antifoam agent ( food grade )

– KB-SU (food additive) Spray to disinfect surface of food products during the production processing.

– Killbact-SU (Spray to disinfect surface and equipment for household and industry use)
– Cydally-K (Suitable for general food production line cleaning or special equipment / areas with concerns of microbial contamination.)
– NaOclean (Disinfectant Water Generator)


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