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Wetting agent is another term that is used more frequently in industry, referring to a substance that can reduce the surface tension of solid particles in a solid-liquid type suspension.

Type Wetting agent

• Nonionics (zero charge).
• Anionic (negative charge).
• Cationic (positive charge).
• Amphoteric (negative and positive charge).

Surfactants and polymersCellulase performance
Nonionic surfactantsGenerally compatible with all nonionic surfactants, especially ethoxylates. High foaming surfactants should be avoided or a defamer should be used.
Anionic surfactantsNoncompatible and they may cause the enzyme to denature, especially if used alone. The use in combination with a very low concentration of nonionic surfactant may be beneficial. Avoid high foaming surfactants.
Cationic surfactants (softeners)May be compatible, however, surface coverage may prevent cellulase adsorption and hydrolysis.
Amphoteric surfactantsCompatible
PolymersGenerally compatible with most polymers used (polyethylene, polyvinylpyrrolidone). Note that some polymers will adsorb to cotton fabric and prevent cellulase action by surface coverage.


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