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Wood-based panel products are panel materials in which wood in the form of strips, veneers, chips, strands or fibres. The categories usually recognised within this group of panel materials are:

Type of wood panel

  • plywood (including blockboard and laminboard)
  • particleboard (chipboard, flaxboard, cement-bonded
  • particleboard) : PB/CB
  • oriented strand board (OSB)
  • fibreboard (hardboard, mediumboard, softboard)
  • Medium density fibreboard (MDF)
  • High Density Fibreboard  (HDF)

Product in Wood Panel Processing

 – Releasing Agent (Chemical for the wood does not sticky to the belt in Wood Panel Processing.)
– water repellent (Chemical for the wood hindering the penetration of water in Wood Panel Processing.)
– flame retardant (Chemicals that are added or applied to materials in order to slow or prevent the start or growth of fire.  in Wood Panel Processing.)
– Water soluble dye (Chemicals that are added coloured substance in Wood Panel Processing.)

We have products that specialize in the production of industrial grade with certificate documents. To the standards of ISO9001 : 2015 /ISO14001 : 2015 / TDS / MSDS


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